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The HR Team

Current Programmes
We require mentors for the following Enterprise development programmes
SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme:
The SABF Tholoana Programme accelerates exceptional small businesses. We strive to support women, youth, disabled individuals and those living in rural and peri-urban areas, as well as those working in new or growing sectors (e.g: export, manufacturing, food processing, water, energy and waste management). However, businesses from all sectors are suported by this programme.

The FNB Social impact lab:

This exciting new Social Enterprise Accelerator Programme will scale 25 promising South African Social Enterprises (SE) to help resolve three burning South African challenges: poverty, inclusive economic growth, and sustainable job creation. As specialists in the successful growth of social enterprises, this cohesive, cost-effective, and well-managed solution will drive sustainable results and create lasting positive social and economic impact – making a difference to the entrepreneurs, their employees and to South Africa as a whole.


Company: Fetola

Website: www.fetola.co.za

Fees Bracket:  R 500 – 750 per hour

Employment Type: Short-term contract / part-time basis

Location: All provinces

We have a current shortage in the Limpopo, KZN, EC, NC and NW

Fetola are South Africa’s leading business growth professionals, specialising in the globally critical small business sector. Our purpose is simple: We help people to grow the economy and create jobs by building businesses that last; working across sectors and country-wide. We are all about people, planet and performance and our ongoing strategy is to recruit and nurture the highest quality support team, whose personal vision is to excel as individuals and to make a difference by actively contributing to building a better future for themselves and others.

We are on the lookout for excellent, experienced small-business mentors who demonstrate passion, interpersonal and technical skills, and a proven ability to empower others. The quality, commitment and capabilities of our current small business mentors are exceptional, and our unique on-going professional development programme ensures their continued enthusiasm and skill.

Minimum Requirements:

We seek individuals with 10 + years entrepreneurial experience, practical business skills, a solution focused approach, and an empathetic interpersonal style.  This includes individuals from all sectors, with a range of value-adding experience to support the growing entrepreneur. Mentors who are well networked with proven ability to contribute materially to the continual improvement and growth of SMEs are invited to apply.

Assignment Overview:

As a mentor you will be responsible for assessing the needs of the business and entrepreneur and provide appropriate mentorship to entrepreneurs in a range of sectors. Your specific role will be to facilitate business and personal growth through support of the entrepreneur – resulting in, increased confidence and practical skills, and access to market/growth opportunities.  We require candidates who have high-energy levels, a passionate commitment to making a difference, and an encouraging results-driven, yet empathetic nature.

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