District Energy in Cities - QUESTIONNAIRE:

Assessment of district energy status and local government capacity building needs


General Information


Status of local District Energy System(s)

Does your city have district energy systems in place? *
Which systems are in use in terms of energy sources/ energy production? *
Other renewable energy
Waste heat
Free cooling sources
Which systems are in use for distribution and storage? *
Is the district heating network delivering heat for domestic hot water preparation?

Heating and cooling demand

Are there heat density maps of the city available?
What is the normal heating season?
What is the normal cooling season?
Please indicate predominant building types in the city.

Recent and Planned Projects

Has your local government implemented, expanded or retrofitted district energy system(s) recently? *
If yes, when? Select only one option (focus on the most recent significant intervention): *
If yes, which interventions were recently carried out? Select all the options that apply: *
Is your local government planning to implement, expand or retrofit a district energy system(s) in the near future? *
If yes, when? Select all the options that apply: *
If yes, which interventions are being planned? Select all the options that apply: *
Which drivers are leading your local government to explore and/or advance modern district energy? *

Strengths and accomplishments regarding District Energy Systems

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Challenges and barriers to modern District Energy

What are the main barriers being faced by your city, town or region in developing, expanding or retrofitting your district energy system? Please indicate at least one of those that apply and rank them in order of importance (indicate 5 stars for highest importance):
City policy/regulatory framework12345
Human and institutional capacity12345
National policy / regulatory framework12345
Mapping and inventory of potential local energy resources12345
Access to financial and fiscal instruments12345
Bankable project development, including financial structuring12345
Information on technology12345
Local experience and expertise of installing and operating DES12345
Awareness of DES options and feasibility options12345
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Please indicate the price of competing local heating and cooling energy sources.
a) Indicate Currency

Exploring the use of renewable energy

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Transition to modern District Energy

How does your local government classify itself with regards to the transition to modern district energy?

Activities your organization or community is interested in

a)  City-to-city peer learning and sharing of experiences.
Select all the options that apply: *
If you would like to participate in webinars, please indicate the topics of interest. Please indicate at least one of those that apply and rank them in order of importance (indicate 5 stars for highest importance):
Assessing technical and economic potential of district energy12345
Mapping, project identification and project design12345
Improving heat/cool data collection in cities for identifying impacts and developing heat/cool strategies12345
Creating an enabling environment for district energy development12345
Planning policies to scale up district energy market12345
Project development phases of district energy12345
Business plan and financial structuring of district energy project12345
Ownership and operation models for modern district energy12345
Expanding the share of renewable energy in district energy systems12345
Models for coordinating multiple stakeholders for effective district energy development.12345
National policy and regulatory frameworks for district energy12345
b) Self-assessment, reporting and contributing to global advocacy

Contacts for further communication

Would you like to designate a political and/or technical contact person for further communication? *
1.) Political contact person (must be from a local or regional government)
b) Technical contact person (may be from company or other entity, if local / regional government has no in-house experts)
     DES     ICLEI

For additional information, please contact:

ICLEI World Secretariat
carbonn® Center – Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting
Ana Marques
Bonn, Germany
United Nations Environment Programme
Global District Energy in Cities Initiative
Lily Riahi
Advisor on Sustainable Energy in Cities