MYNA Financial Aid / Scholarship Application Form



Mid West - Nashville, IN (July 28 - August 3)

South Central - Davis, OK (August 3 - August 9)

South Atlantic - Jennerstown, PA (Aug 13 - August 18)


Have a question while filling out the form, please call 214-335-5511

MYNA Camp Scholarship Application

Selection Criteria:

The number of scholarships awarded is based on the level of contributions received each year. AS A GUIDELINE, Children whose families' financial status/ yearly income is below the poverty line (see "income guidelines") in accordance with family size are selected to receive scholarship and financial help.  We also do our best to help those above the poverty line that are in need of assistance, so please apply! The amount of scholarship will be determined on a case by case situation and is subject to availability of funds.  The deadline for this application is 2 weeks before the respective camp.

Income Guidelines:

Below is the income chart used according to family size. Income is verified by a copy of your family's most recent tax return which you must attach below or email to

Number of Household Members 2 Yearly Income $15,930
Number of Household Members 3 Yearly Income $20,090
Number of Household Members 4 Yearly Income $24,250
Number of Household Members 5 Yearly Income $28,410
Number of Household Members 6 Yearly Income $32,570
Number of Household Members 7 Yearly Income $36,730
Number of Household Members 8 Yearly Income $40,890
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,160 for each additional person.
**New Scholarship***: Dr Haroon Rasheed MYNA Camper Scholarship:
Are you a single parent, new immigrant, or refugee?  If so, please see the bottom of the application for a special scholarship that has been generously setup by Dr Haroon Rasheed to increase accessability of these awesome MYNA Camps.  

Application Process:

1. Fill out the form below
2. If you were unable to attach your latest tax return in the form, please email it to Sr Rahela at - She is the only one that will reveiw these documents and will destroy them after review
3. You must click on the CONFIRM button on the last page even though the total is $0. Otherwise we will not get the form
4. Please wait 2 weeks for a call from Sr Rahela to discuss your form
5. If you do not get a call from Sr Rahela, please text her at 214-335-5511
6. If your form is approved you will get an email with a Sponsorship code
7. Now you may go and register your youth for camp and use the sponsor code to adjust the price
8. Pack your bags:)
Financial Aid applications will NOT be accepted in the two weeks prior to the camp you are applying for. Please complete your application as soon as possible.
***NOTE: Your application is not considered complete until ALL forms are received.***

Tax documents can be attached below or emailed to this email goes directly to Sr Rahela - MYNA's Sustainability and Development Officer

Parent/ Guardian Information

Relationship to Camper *
Which Camp do you want your youth to attend? *

Household Information

Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA) 
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