St Paul, Indiana

When: MAR 15 - MAR 17

Where: Camp Flat Rock River (click for camp website)

 6981 W Co Rd 650 N,

St Paul, IN 47272

Have a question while filling out the form: Text 'MYNA HELP' to 317-497-5823

Household / Adult Primary Contact

Relationship to Camper *
Would you be available as an adult volunteer for this camp? There are 2 positons available. We need one cook and one general chaperone/volunteer. (You will be required to go through an official background check to confirm eligibility.) *
“MYNA is now looking for PARENT VOLUNTEERS (on-site roles to be discussed/determined) - you would be required to pass a screening like all of our staff, counsellors and advisors. You may also be asked to ride the MYNA BUS as adult chaperone. If interested please click yes below! (Must be 25 years of age, or older)” *
Second Emergency Contact Person
Relationship to Camper *
NOTICE: All cell phones will be turned over to counselors at the beginning of camp and may only be used at pre-determined times at the end of each day, and under certain circumstances during recreation time. That usage is at the counselor’s discretion. Campers will be reminded to contact their parents first during daily phone time. All phones will be returned to campers on the last day of camp. (Please ensure that the campers you register are aware of this policy. *
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