MYNA 2019

Spring Camps

Counselor Application

MYNA will be having 6 camps this spring Insha'Allah!

Dallas, TX |Camp Ascend| Mar 15-17 2019

St Paul, IN |Camp Flat Rock River| Mar 15-17 2019

Loma Mar, CA |Camp Loma Mar| Mar 29-31 2019

Apopka, FL |Camp Wewa| April 5-7 2019

Edgewwater, MD |Camp Letts| April 19-21 2019

Rosemont, IL |Westin O'Hare - Ed Forum| April 19-21 2019

   *Mandatory On Campsite Counselor Training is the day of camp at 12 PM sharp, as well as online training the week before. Your acceptance is dependent on your ability to attend counselor training* 

Have a question while filling out the form, please call 317-497-5823

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Assalamu Alaikum
Jazak'Allahu khair for keeping MYNA in your volunteer heart.  This application is pretty straight forward.  Please read all roles and waivers, fill out all contact, health, application questions, and continue to the very end. Even if your total is $0, you must still click on the "Confirm Order" button on the last page for the application to be complete. Once you finish, you will receive a few emails with more information. 
If you have any questions while filling out this application, or create an account and lose your login password, please call 317-497-5823 for assistance. Jazak'Allah Khair once again. 
Wassalamu Alaikum

Roles and Responsibilities

MYNA Camp Counselor Commitment Document and Application Form

Training Sessions: All applicants must attend 2 mandatory counselor training sessions.The first will happen via webinar in the 2 weeks prior to camp.  The second will happen the day before camp at 12 pm sharp at the campsite location. If you are unable to make said training, please mention in application or email

This application must be completed regardless of previous counseling experience with MYNA Events (but will be shortened for those that have been counselors at one of the last 3 Camp seasons). There is no registration costs for counselors. For more information you may contact

As a MYNA Camp Counselor I will:
1. Follow MYNA code of ethics that includes abiding by MYNA’s vision, mission and policies
2. Abide by MYNA Youth Protection Policy
3. Take full responsibility of the youth I am assigned to by Camp Advisor, including accompanying my group for the duration of the camp.
4. Attend MYNA Camp Counselor training to be held by YPSD (Youth Programming and Services Department) the day before camp at the actual campsite
5. Be the first to wake up and the last to sleep in my group.
6.  Be responsible for the medical, health, and well being of my campers at all times.
7.  Be willing to take other responsibilities that Camp Advisor might give me when need occurs

As a Counselor I agree to uphold and implement all of the below rules with my campers: 

Rules and Regulations

(After this application is sumbitted you will be emailed a background check authorization form)

As a MYNA camp Counselor, I will provide all requested information within the background check authorization form (including social security number) and I authorize ISNA's Human Resource officer to utiltize said form to perform a background check on me. 

I also understand that travel to and from camps may be covered by MYNA National according to MYNA Expense Policy document (to be emailed to you after the application is completed).  However if I do not attend the event, I might not be re-imbursed for that travel. All Travel expenses must be pre-approved by the YPSD Director. *

Camp Info

you may apply to more than one camp. Please select the camp(s) you are applying for.  Please choose the location that is closest for you to get to.  As all camps are on the same dates, we will consider you for other camps as well:

1. South Central - Dallas, TX - @ Camp Ascend (Mar 15-17)

2. Mid West - Indianapolis, IN - @ Camp Flat Rock (Mar 15-17)

3. Pacific - Loma Mar, CA @ Camp Loma Mar (Mar 29-31)

4. South Atlantic - Apopka, FL @ Camp Wewa (Apr 5-7)

5. Mid Atlantic - Edgewater, MD - @ Camp Letts (Apr 19-21) 

6. North Central -Rosemont, IL - @ Westin O'Hare (Apr 19-21) 
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