EVENT DATES: September 14-16, 2018 LOCATION: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar California

Thank you for your interest in participating as a culinary vending partner at 2018 KAABOO Del Mar. The KAABOO mission is to provide an unparalleled hospitality experience in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment. At KAABOO, we are developing a unique culture that elevates the level of hospitality from a typical live music festival into a "mix-perience". To achieve this, our vision is to obtain top-notch culinary partners that offer upscale artisanal fare options that leave our patrons equally as intrigued in our culinary partners, as they are interested in our musical talent.

Applications will be reviewed AT THE BEGINNING OF 2018, and vendors will be notified of their acceptance or elimination beginning in the Spring. Please note there are limited spots available and unfortunately we cannot accommodate all applicants. Although KAABOO encourages local food vendor participation, we also feel its important to provide our guests diverse culinary options, and welcome unique partners from across the United States.

If your application is approved, you will have a deadline to accept the offer, complete the contractual paperwork and submit a deposit. Thank you again for considering a partnership with KAABOO Del Mar, we look forward to hearing from you!



VENDOR OBLIGATIONS – The following is a list of non-negotiable requirements of your Company by the Event.

Vendor must provide, at its sole cost and expense:
  o All food, supplies and necessary products to execute their services (including but not limited to: food prep area, waste bins, eating utensils, chafing dishes, pans, prep bowls, cookware, serving utensils and any other items necessary to prepare and serve the menu items to public.
  o Sufficient staff to provide products and services (approximately 8 credentials per day will be allotted to each vender, depending on the size of footprint at the Event).
  o Obtain all required health permits and licenses, as well as comply with all local fire marshall codes and regulations in collection with services provided at the Event.
  o A sweepable ground cover inside it’s booth/cooking area for absorption of grease (“Grease Mat”)
  o Commerical general liability insurance with a limit not less than $1,000,000 per each occurrence; Workers’ compensation insurance with statutory benefits as required by any applicable state and federal law and (c) to the extent applicable as it would pertain to the Products and Services, business auto liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each accident.
Vendor much purchase from Kaaboo the following for operation at the Event:
  o All exterior booth and menu signage (size 10x10 - $75, size 20x20 - $150)
  o All power required by Vendor to provide products and services. (Up to 20 amps - $175, Up to 50 amps   - $475, Stock Truck (20 amps) - $350)
  o Booth tents and sidewalls. Vendors cannot bring in outside structures. (10x10 - $350, 20x20 - $650)
  o Ice
  o Vendor must purchase from Kaaboo any non-alcoholic beverages they might sell during the event    from their booth. List of these beverages along with pricing will be provided at six (6) weeks prior to  event at the latest.
• Vendor must operate its booth during the operating hours, as defined by the Event.
• Vendor cannot sell, give-away or bring in any alcoholic beverages to the Event.
• Vendor must provide a cash bank of at least $200 per day.
• Vendor must use Kaaboo provided POS system.
• Vendor is responsible for payment of any and all California sales tax on menu items sold.
• Vendor will be required to pay a $500 USD non-refundable minimum revenue to Kaaboo upon execution of an agreement. This revenue guarantee will be applied toward Kaaboo’s percentage share of revenue. Vendor will retain 65% of adjusted gross income, while Kaaboo will retain 35% of adjusted gross income from event revenue. ADJUSTED GROSS REVENUE is defined as: Total Gross Revenue collected less applicable sales tax (8%) and Credit Card Fees (3.5%) on all CC transactions.
I have read and understand the policies and rules above, and can comply with all of the obligations of KAABOO: *

KAABOO OBLIGATIONS – Kaaboo Del Mar will provide the following to all selected vendors during the Event.

  • A footprint in a location at the Event, determined by Kaaboo.
  • Access to water connection, 3-compartment sink and grey water disposal.
  • Approximately 8 single day working credentials for staff.
  • Approximately 4 single day parking credentials per event day.
  • Provide the necessary permits in connection with producing the Event other than those required by Vendor.
  • Kaaboo website and event app: vendor menu will be posted here.
  • POS system with all menu items of vendor as well as Vendor staff training on system before Event.



Is your Company and staff based in the San Diego metropolitan area? *
Do you have your own general liability and workman's compensation insurance? (Required by the Event) *
Have you applied to be a Vendor at KAABOO before? *


MENU ITEMS: The Event will require 3 to 8 menu items to be featured at KAABOO Del Mar.  Please provide a list of the proposed menu below, including pricing (NOTE: Pricing should be between $6 to $18 per item, tax included)*
Culinary Diversity (check all that apply)
PHOTOS OF SET-UP:  Please include pictures of your booth/truck/cart set up below. If you have different setups, please include all options.