ONA Board of Directors Candidate

ONA membership type

You must have a current membership to become an eligible candidate. You can verify your membership and find your member type by signing in at http://journalist.memberclicks.net and checking the name badge. *

Private Information

The following four questions will be used by the governance committee to determine your eligibility for the slate of board candidates for the 2024-25 term. This information will not be published. The answers to these questions are heavily weighted. Please provide thoughtful and accurate responses
Candidates must demonstrate thought and career leadership within one of our five focus areas of digital journalism, which include: 
  • Developing strategies for emerging technology in journalism
  • Sharing best practices for audience engagement and metrics
  • Cultivating and developing newsroom leaders, culture and diversity 
  • Experimenting with innovative news storytelling to serve local communities
  • Discovering revenue and business models that are sustainable and successful
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Candidates are assessed on their commitment to the organization’s principles and contribution to a healthy and representative mix of diversity to the Board. These attributes include:

  • Demographics: Gender, Age, Race and Ethnicity, etc.
  • Geographic representation
  • Career leadership experience in digital media, plus an understanding of industry needs at the intersection of journalism and technology
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Technology acumen
  • Organizational affiliation and diversity of media and technology represented
  • ONA membership type (professional, academic or associate)
  • Executive management experience
  • Access to resources and support for the organization / Fundraising ability and capacity
  • Availability for active participation
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The ONA Board is a strategic board in that its key function is to set the strategic direction for the organization and govern the process versus other boards that take on more operational and planning functions. Candidates must demonstrate their access to resources and support for the organization, demonstrate they can fulfill the responsibilities of ONA board membershipand understand the ten essential responsibilities of nonprofit boards.
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Nominees should demonstrate a history of service to ONA. Activities can include serving as an active member of a committee, event or initiative.
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Public Information

The remaining questions will also be used by the governance committee to determine your eligibility for the slate of board candidates for the 2024-25 term. However, this information will be public if you are selected to the board slate. Please write these questions as if you were writing to a general ONA member.
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Additional Links
Include any additional links for consideration by the nominating committee in evaluating your application.

Nominator Information

Please provide the contact information for the ONA member who is nominating you. Note: If your nominator does not complete the nomination form, your application will be incomplete and not considered. The nomation form can be found here. Incumbent board members do not need to be nominated.


I have read and reviewed the responsibilities of the ONA Board of Directors*
I understand I will be asked to contribute directly to the organization’s fundraising drives and be prepared to make ONA my most significant annual charitable contribution. *
I understand I do not receive complimentary passes and/or travel expenses to ONA events, programs and board meetings. *
I understand I am required to participate in conference calls and attend two in-person board meetings at my own expense. *
I have read, reviewed and copy edited this form. I have double-checked for errors and misspellings. I understand ONA will publish this information on its site as written with minor formatting changes. *
I understand that my bio and description on why ONA members should vote for me will be posted publicly on my candidates page on the ONA site. *