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HOOPHOLE Class Registration WINTER/SPRING 2018

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Click on the button opposite each course you wish to attend. Be sure the event you select is the one offered on the date and at the time you prefer.

THANK YOU FOR REGISTERING! Before submitting your registration form, please check to be sure the information you have provided is correct.  When your form is ready to be submitted, click the CONTINUE button below. THE CLASSES YOU HAVE REGISTERED FOR WILL APPEAR BELOW YOUR REGISTRATION FORM. The TOTAL in the lower right corner will be the amount charged to your account if you've chosen to prepay or it is the amount you will bring with you when you attend your selected class or course.

When you are sure all information on your registration form is correct, CLICK ONLY ONCE on the CONFIRM ORDER button. Your registration will be securely transmitted immediately to Hoophole. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation notice.
We look forward to greeting you at Hoophole!
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