95th State Convention Registration

Registration Information
April 1 - May 10:    Early Registration
May 15 - June 3:    Late Registration

The Louisiana FFA Association is selling a convention T-shirt. T-shirts may be purchased with early registration. They will also be available for purchase on-site in limited numbers.
 Registration Process: 
  1. The first step is to complete and submit the online registration form:
ü       The online form is preset to the early registration cost of $35 per advisor, student, and guest until May 10, 2024. After May 10th, you will have to register for the late registration fee. Payments that are postmarked after May 10th will have their registration deleted and late registration will be required. The late registration fee is $40 per advisor, student, and guest. The T-shirt prices will remain the same, however, supply will be limited.
ü      Complete the form and all appropriate fields on the registration. Please provide an accurate email address, so that an order confirmation email can be sent to you. Submit your registration only once! If you are completing an additional registration, please check the add-on box.

       2. The second step is to send payment and a copy of the email confirmation to:


Louisiana FFA Association
244 John M. Parker Coliseum
Baton Rouge, LA  70803

*Check amount must match the total on the registration form.