Proficiency Award Rank

If you have a student who interviewed for more than one Proficiency Award, we need a ranking of which award application he or she would like to enter at nationals should he or she receive more than one 1st place ranking. Only one application per student is allowed to be entered at nationals. Therefore, members are allowed only one first place ranking sent in from state.
For Example Garett is interviewing for Ag Education, Fruit Production, Beef Production, and Ag Sales. Garett will fill out the form and rank his SAEs.
1. Fruit Production
2. Beef Production
3. Ag Sales
4. Ag Education
Garett wins first place in both Beef Production and Ag Sales after interviewing. Since he ranked Beef Production higher, 2nd, then that is the application that will win first place at state and move on to national competition. Ag Sales will be bumped down to second place.