2017 Summer Session
 Note: It is your responsibility to update this information with our office should it change.
Session Dates:  June 5th, 2016 to July 28th, 2017
CLOSED:  July 3rd -July 7th
Grade Entering Fall 2017:
Grade Entering Fall 2017:
May we photograph and/or video your child during Lights On activities?
Bus drop off to (Bus leaves at 4:00PM):
For A.M. pick-up times from these locations, call the Lights On office - 332-4240 to schedule

Please check all days attending.  Please ensure that your student will be able to attend all Wednesday Field Trips that you sign them up for.
 (6/5 - 6/9)(6/12 - 6/16)(6/19 - 6/23)(6/26 - 6/30)(7/10 - 7/14)(7/17 - 7/21)(7/24 - 7/28)
Mon. (9am-4pm)
Tues. (9am-4pm)
Wed. (8am-4pm)
Thurs. (9am-4pm)
Fri. (9am-4pm)
I hereby authorize Fremont County School District #1 to release pertinent information (i.e., Emergency Information, Health Information, & Personal Information) regarding the above named student(s) to Lights On in Lander personnel as needed.  I also authorize officials to take whatever action is deemed necessary in their judgment for the health of my child(ren).  I will not hold them fnancially responsbile for the emergency care and/or transportation of my child(ren).  I give permission for my child(ren) to attend Field Trips.
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