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If you have any questions at all please contact Mark on 07983769606 or mark@ez-isa.com.


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ISA Transfer?

Skip this section if you don't need to transfer an ISA.
Which type of ISA do you wish to transfer?
Transferring ISAs is straightforward but does require a signature from you. With one signature we can apply directly to your existing ISA provider without you having to contact them seperately.
Please complete the rest of the information below and we will send you the appropriate form to sign.

Investment Selection

Please see the investment section of the website for full information about each investment.
If you already know how you would like to invest please complete this section.
If you would like more information you can speak to Mark on 07983769606 or email mark@ez-isa.com.
Mark cannot give you a personalised recommendation ('advice') but can give you information to help you decide on the investment for yourself.
Investment Selection 
 Lump SumMonthly Amount
Lower Risk Investment (SEI Cautious Wealth A Fund)
Medium Risk Investment (SEI Core Wealth A Fund)
Higher Risk Investment (SEI Growth Wealth A Fund)


Please read the declaration carefully and contact Mark on 07983769606 or mark@ez-isa.com if you have any questions at all.
  • I have downloaded all the Terms and Conditions documents and agree to be legally bound by the contents.
  • I give full authority to EZ ISA to instruct Cofunds to carry out this transaction.
  • I understand the fees and charges applicable to me.
  • I understand that a default 'sell down mandate' applies to my investment in respect of EZ ISA fees and charges (see fees and charges information).
  • I understand that if there is insufficient money within the relevant payment account, Cofunds will sell enough of my platform assets to pay the Cofunds Platform Charge in accordance with the relevant Terms and Conditions of the Cofunds Platform applicable to their pricing model and investments/assets.
  • I agree to the ISA Declaration and Authority*.

*ISA Declaration and Authority terms

I declare that:

  • All investment subscriptions made now and in the future belong to me.
  • I am aged 18 years or over.
  • I have not subscribed and will not subscribe to more than my overall subscription limit in total to a cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA in the same tax year.
  • I have not subscribed and will not subscribe to another stocks and shares ISA in the same tax year that I subscribe to this stocks and shares ISA.
  • I am resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes, or, if not so resident, either perform duties which, by virtue of Section 28 of Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003 (Crown employees serving overseas), are treated as being performed in the United Kingdom, or I am married to or in a civil partnership with a person who performs such duties. I will inform Cofunds Limited if I cease to be so resident or to perform such duties, or be married to or in a civil partnership with a person who performs such duties.
  • I agree to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Cofunds Platform including the ISA Terms and Conditions.
  • I understand that the Terms & Conditions of the Cofunds Platform are the standard terms upon which Cofunds intends to rely, and it is important that I read and understand the terms before agreeing to be bound by them. If there is any term or point I do not understand or do not wish to be bound by, I understand that I can request further information before signing my application form.
  • I understand that my signed application form (once accepted by Cofunds) together with the Terms & Conditions of the Cofunds Platform form my customer agreement with Cofunds Ltd.
  • I understand that the commencement of my ISA may be delayed or rejected if my application form is not complete in all respects. Cofunds may undertake a search with a reference agency for their purpose of verifying my identity. To do so, the reference agency may check the details I supply against any particulars on any database (public or otherwise) to which they have access. They may also use my details in the future to assist other companies for verification purposes. A record of the search will be retained as an identity search.
  • The information contained in the application form is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I am not a US citizen
  • I understand that this is an 'execution only' service where I will receive no 'advice' or personal recommendations

I authorise Cofunds Limited to:

  • Hold my cash subscription, ISA investments, interest, dividends and any other rights or proceeds in respect of those investments and any other cash
  • Make on my behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of my ISA investments
  • I understand that all the investments made through EZ ISA will go up and down in value over time and I may receive back less than I orginally invest.
I agree to the above declaration:


For any lump sums you can fund your ISA using a debit card registered to the 'Home Address' above.
For any monthly investments you need a Direct Debit agreement which we will send you (so you can leave this section blank if you are only making monthly investments).
Similarly you can leave this section blank if you are only making ISA transfers.
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