2023 October Boys Plyometric and Jump Training with Ken Shibuya
NOTE:  This is for High School BOYS ONLY.  We will be offering Girls program in December when the Girls High School season is completed.
The fee to participate is $300.
The MVVC Boys Plyometrics and Jump Training with Ken Shibuya will be held on Fridays and Sundays in October as follows:
Friday, Oct 6 @ 5-6pm
Friday, Oct 13 @ 5-6pm
Sunday, Oct 15 @ 11am-12noon
Friday, Oct 20 @ 5-6pm
Friday, Oct 27 @ 5-6pm
Sunday, Oct 29 @ 11am-12noon
**This camp is designed for high school level 15 to 18 year old boys.**
Sessions will be held in the Strength Training Area at MVVC.
Plyometric and Explosiveness Training for Maximum Athletic Performance
“The most common question in volleyball is ‘How can I jump higher?’ There are three main training elements: work on your technique; build your strength base; and learn how to use that strength in an explosive manner. Plyometrics is one of the best explosiveness training activities and is foundational to building better athletes.”
This program is six sessions dedicated to plyometric and movement training. Many of our activities will be focused on resistance band training. We will also do knee recuperation exercises to keep you as healthy as possible.
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