2020 MVVC July Indoor/SAND Registration Athlete Information
Welcome to the Mountain View Volleyball Club July Indoor/Sand Registration. 

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Starting around July 6th, MVVC will be offering the next round of All Skills 3-week clinics.  These clinics will focus on developing key fundamentals which include competitive wash drills and mini games. Players will have the chance to improve serving, passing and attacking, and blocking skills.
Santa Clara County Guidelines require camps/clinics for children cannot have more than 12 participants and need to stay in the same group for at least 3-weeks. For our July boys and girls summer volleyball, MVVC will be running a 3-week Indoor Program and a 4-week Sand Program. The indoor program will have 2 practices a week and the Sand program will have 2 to 3 practices a week depending on what practice team you are assigned. You can register to participate in our Indoor Only, Sand Only or Both (Indoor & Sand) programs on the link below. Based on this info we will put July practice groups together by the end of June. 
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