2020 MVVC Boys Summer Clinics

We are pleased to offer an assortment of Boys position-specific summer clinics this year.


MIDDLE SCHOOL (Incoming 5th-8th grade boys)

June 22nd-23rd 2 PM - 4 PM -- Attacking Clinic ($150)

June 24th 2 PM - 4 PM -- Passing/DS Clinic ($75)

June 25th 2 PM - 4 PM -- Serving Clinic ($75)

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This clinic focuses on learning to attack, block and to become more efficient with your footwork and arm swing. This will help you become a more proficient attacker and prepare you for the challenges of being a top position player. Practice key techniques in drills and in game situations that will help elevate your skill set.

Who: 5th-8th grader boys of all levels

June 22nd and 23rd 2 PM - 4 PM


This session will cover skill training in Passing and Defense, focusing on developing the key fundamentals of with defensive movements for controlling the pass and dig. This camp is designed for players 5th-8th graders looking to improve their passing and defensive skills.

Who: 5th-8th grader boys of all levels.

June 24th 2 PM - 4 PM


The Serving clinic will focus on developing the key fundamentals involved with serving the three main types of serves: standing float serves, jump float serves, and jump topspin serves. Players will practice key techniques to individually focus and improve on their serving skills. 

Who: 5th-8th grade boys of all levels.

June 25th 2 PM - 4 PM


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MVVC believes in giving every player, that desires to play volleyball, the opportunity to play.  We cannot continue to do this without the help of our many families who have contributed to our financial aid fund.  We greatly appreciate any help.
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