Clean Vehicle Assistance Program - Application Step 1

Important information:

  • This is step 1 of the CVA Program application. Once you have completed and submitted this information, your application will be on file in our system. If we secure sufficient funds from the California Air Resources Board, we will email you with instructions to complete steps 2-5 and submit your application.
  • Please expect to wait many months before we invite you to complete the rest of your applicationWe process applications as they are received; we do not expedite applications on request. If you need a vehicle urgently, we encourage you to explore other options. You can find a full list of California clean vehicle incentive programs here.
  • We have a Reservation List in place due to limited funding. This is why the application is currently limited to the first step. To learn more about the Reservation List, visit our website here.
  • Please do not submit multiple applications as it can further delay processing times. If you do not complete and submit this form, you will not be in our system and we will not email you.
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These questions are used for green-house gas reduction research. They will not impact your eligibility for a clean vehicle grant.
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Terms & Conditions
All participants will be required to read and sign the CVA Program Terms & Conditions in the final section of this application. We recommend you review the Terms & Conditions now and note key information that will help you plan a clean vehicle purchase.

Key Points of the Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants can only redeem a grant at the time of purchase from an approved CVA Program Network Dealership. Click here to view the full list of approved dealerships.
  • Participants are not required to get a loan with their clean vehicle. Participants who do get a loan must secure an interest rate of 12% or below to qualify for the grant.
  • Participants who redeem a grant are required to register their vehicle in California and keep their vehicle for 30 months.

Program Implementation Manual
For a complete record of all CVA Program policies, we encourage you to review the CVA Program Implementation Manual. The Implementation Manual will be updated from time to time, but the version that is current on the date you submit your application will continue to apply to you.