• Total fee for our application services is $ 35.50 CAD and DOES NOT include Government fees. The SEPARATE government fees will be charged to your credit card in 3-4 days by the Ontario Government AFTER the application is prepared and submitted to the Ontario Government. These fees are: 1) First Time Short Form Birth Certificate $ 25, 2) Replacement Short Form Birth Certificate $ 35.
  • Not everyone may apply/obtain a birth certificate in Ontario. Generally, the following requirements have to be met: 1) MAY APPLY ONLY the person named on the certificate, the mother or father, children or spouse of such person in the certificate or a guardian, trustee or person with power of attorney of such person in the certificate or any person with an order from a court; 2) IF THE PERSON ON THE CERTIFICATE IS DECEASED, the only certificate that can be applied for is a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE, 3) If the PERSON NAMED ON THE CERTIFICATE wants to apply her/himself, she/he must be 13 years of age or older.
  • The government will send you your certificate by post to the address provided by you in this form. Although times vary, depending on the government work overloads, ESTIMATE times go from 17 to 19 days IF ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY YOU IS ACCURATE AND MATCHES THE BIRTH REGISTRATION. These estimate times run from the date application is presented to the government. CERTIFICATES OF BABIES AND NEWBORNS REQUIRE THAT YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED THE BIRTH AND THE TIME FOR THE DELIVERY IS FROM 10 TO 16 WEEKS AFTER THE BIRTH WAS PROPERLY REGISTERED (AND THE STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH WAS PROPERLY PRESENTED TO THE GOVERNMENT)

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