Host Family Orientation

Please watch this short video and answer the questions below sign and SUBMIT.  The video does not have sound and each slide is 30 seconds long. If you need more time to read a slide, pause the video. You can watch the video more than once if necessary. 

To start the video, press the triangle shaped (►) play button below.
The video below has been added on behalf of the Department of State's Office of Private sector Exchange Administration (OPA).  Learn about the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program, the Office of Private Sector Exchange Administration (OPA), and how program sponsors, exchange visitors, and interested parties can identify and report incidents. Learn more at
Your Area Representative is your liaison between you and Pan Atlantic foundation. *
How often do you and your student(s) have to have personal contact (in person or on phone) with your area representative? *
Families should notify their AR if there is a change in.. *
When having an issue with your student you should contact... *
Your student should share household responsibilities and chores? *
Students will have their own money for personal items, souvenirs and entertainment. *
A copy of your student's insurance card is emailed to you in your host family welcome email. *
Learn more about your student's country. 
CLICK HERE to browse the 2022 culturegrams. 
Per Department of State Regulation, each host family member is required to receive an orientation prior to student arrival that is separate from the host family interview. You are also required to receive the information listed below either from the Pan Atlantic Foundation main office, or during your Host Family Orientation. By signing this document, you are verifying that each member of your family received this orientation separately from your host family interview and that you have, prior to student arrival, received the documents and/or information listed below. Only one signature needed per host family. 1. Placement Information including details on whether the student’s placement with your family is temporary or permanent. 2. Full student application including information about your student’s background. 3. Department of State Regulations 4. Department of State Host Family Welcome Letter 5. Exchange program best practices 6. Cross Cultural strategies 7. Advise of need to inform sponsor of changes in address, finances, employment, arrests, or individuals living in the home. Please Sign: *