PODS Game Design Adult Game Design Class Registration Form
All classes listed held at:
502 1st Ave N Suite #E
Fargo, ND 58103
Class Fee: $100
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I want to register for the following class. Please be aware that enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. *
Payment will be handled on the first day of class. Payment can be made by check or by Credit Card. Credit Cards will be processed by a Square account. Please make checks out to "PODS Game Design." *
Please read the following general PODS Game Design statement and sign below: Please be aware that the host venue is not owned by PODS Game Design, but is being utilized as a classroom for the duration of the class. Any incidents involving the venue is not the responsibility of PODS Game Design. PODS Game Design values a productive and welcoming classroom for everyone attending. Class rules will be reviewed at the start of each session and are expected to be followed accordingly. Misconduct can and will be addressed up to the point of contacting the emergency contact, dismissal from class, and/or termination of enrollment without refund. Payment for the course will be made on the first day of class, either by check or credit card (credit card payment processed through Square). I have reviewed the above information and agree to it. *
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