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2019 Weekly Service Request & Credit Card Payment Authorization
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Rin Robyn Pools®
Service Dept.
NJ Contractor’s Registration #13VH10522500

First visit week of May 30, last visit week of August 29. A $70/visit discount over Individual Visit Fee of $225.00.
Additional weeks of service at a cost of $225 per visit

All Cleaning & Maintenance Visits Include:  

  • Vacuum pool bottom, skim surface, brush walls and floor 
  • Clean skimmer baskets, leaf traps, and pump strainers 
  • Backwash filter as needed 
  • Test and balance water quality (BioGuard chemicals supplied at additional cost
  • Check equipment, including heater, lights, filtration system  
  • Clean and check automatic pool cleaner
  • Worn or missing parts and required repairs addressed at additional cost
  • A Once-a-week visit may not keep your pool perfect.  Additional brushing, skimming etc may be required.  If you prefer not to do the work yourself, you may request an additional mid-week cleaning from us at additional cost. Hot weather, wind, rain,  pool usage, pollen, leaves and other factors are beyond our control.
  • A valid credit card or debit card must be on file and will automatically be used for all transactions.  We do not accept cash or checks.  Receipts for transactions are sent via email.
  • Additional costs, e.g., excessive cleaning and/or water balancing chemicals, are charged after work is complete. 
  • For Scheduled Visits: 50% will be charged on May 30, the balance will be charged on July 1.
  • Credit card numbers provided on this form are not transmitted by email.
    We do not sell or share our email lists.

Customer Information & Payment Details

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By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read the conditions above and below and I agree to these conditions.
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By submitting this form I hereby authorize Rin Robyn Pools® to perform the work necessary on my pool, spa, and/or pond and agree to pay for the parts and labor charges as billed.*  I agree to pay the credit card company and not dispute the charges even though my signature is not on the individual credit card receipts.  I fully acknowledge that I am submitting this credit card authorization OUTSIDE OF THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY BECAUSE AN IMPRINT OF MY CREDIT CARD AND/OR MY SIGNATURE IS NOT POSSIBLE TO FACILITATE THIS TRANSACTION.  In the event that the credit card charge is declined, I agree to pay these charges upon receipt of an Invoice.  Payment is generally due at the time service is performed; some services and/or special orders require deposits which may be non-refundable.  Billing may take place at interim milestones and/or at the completion of the project.  A late payment will result in a finance charge of 2% per month or $50.00 per month, whichever is greater.  I understand that I am responsible for all court costs and attorney fees if the account goes into collection.
*I understand that I have been provided with an estimate only.  I approve the repair of my pool, spa, and/or pond, and understand that Rin Robyn Pools® reserves the right to revise the repair estimate if additional service (parts and/or labor) is required.
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