PiAf LOR Form

Thank you for submitting a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) on behalf of a Princeton in Africa applicant. Please note all LORs must be submitted directly by the recommender, before the application deadline of 11:59 PM Eastern on Wednesday, October 25th, 2023. We are unable to accept any submissions after this deadline. PiAf is only able to accept one LOR for each applicant; if you make multiple submissions, PiAf will only consider your last submission before the deadline. Applicants and recommenders will be notified that their LOR has been received automatically upon submission after entering both email addresses on this form. Please reach out to piafapp@princetoninafrica.org if you run into any issues with this form.
The LOR should speak to the applicant's character as well as their skills, strengths, and abilities in the workplace, in a difficult or stressful setting, in a foreign country, in a leadership situation, or in tackling a significant academic project. Recommendation letters must be specific to the PiAf application and should focus on the applicant's leadership and past job/internship performance. The letter must be signed, dated and submitted as a PDF.  Please name the file “ApplicantLastname.ApplicantFirstname.LOR.”  

 No Basis for JudgementArea for GrowthArea is Fully DevelopedThe Best in Peer GroupThe Best I Have Encountered
Work Ethic
Self-Awareness & Self-Management
Tolerance for Ambiguity

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