The International Association of Amateur Heralds

  Application for IAAH Membership
The items marked with a yellow and red flag must be completed. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. No abbreviations please.
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B. ...Heraldic Background
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I declare that my statements contained herein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that if admitted to membership in the International Association of Amateur Heralds, I will abide by the Association's Articles as published on its web-site.

Privacy and Confidentiality
The applicant understands that the collection of the information collected in this online application form is for the sole purpose for the evaluation and review of a candidate member in order to determine or decline their membership application. Should the candidate member succeed the evaluation and review and be invited to participate in the IAAH or Association, some or all of the information provided in this online form may be used for the creation and population of the candidate's online "roll of arms". All information provided by the applicant shall not be used for the purpose of promoting products and/or services of any kind. Once the material becomes available online, the IAAH cannot provide any guarantees on the safe and/or consented usage of the information displayed in the public Internet on the IAAH website and therefore is released from all accountability in that regard. The applicant understands these conditions and will select either "Yes" in agreement or "No" in disagreement.



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