Balanced Service Checklist

Turn on Sound System *
Turn on Lighting Board *
Turn on ProPresenter Computer *
Turn on Projectors *
Get out mics and packs *
Set Up Stage *
Sound Check with Broadcast *
Balanced Rehearsal *
Turn on TVs in the Concourse *
Balanced Service *

Post-Service Shut Down

Turn on house music and put up closing slides *
Turn on House Lights on the wall and shut down Lighting Computer. *
Collect all Microphones and Packs. Power Down and put on chargers. *
Turn off Projectors and TVs *
Shut Down ProPresenter Computer *
Turn down the house music, and power down the Sound Board *
Shut down the rest of the sound system. *

Service Review

How did your team perform?
Sound Tech12345
Lighting Tech12345