Tuition Scholarship Application

What service of Spence's Farm are you seeking a scholarship? *
* Summer Camp days are 8:30 - 3:00.  Extended care (7:30 - 8:30 and 3:00 - 6:00) are an additional cost and may not be subject to a scholarship.  Please call the office for more information. 
Does Camper reside with you? *
Summer Camp is $250/week for Standard Camp and $350/week for horse immersion. What is the amount you are able to pay PER WEEK for your camper?
I am available to help at one of the festivals that are held periodically throughout the year, knowing these festivals help the farm grant scholarships and staff for Summer Camps. *

Other types of reduced camp programs.

Barter Program:
We happy to barter up to 75% of your total tuition of summer camp with your time and talents. There are always projects on the farm that need assistance. Get the whole family involved at the following rates:

Rainbow (ages 4-7) $2.50/hour (must bring adult present)
Trailblazers and Tweens (ages 8-12) $5.00/hour (must bring adult present) 
Junior Mentors (ages 13-16) $7.50/hour (please check with office if your teen needs to bring adult supervision)
Adults (17+) $10.00/hour
Skilled Labor and Special Projects - amount bartered is varied and negotiable
Examples of bartered activities (not limited too) 
- Farm Repairs
- Farm House Cleaning
- Child Care (will need to provide valid ID and submit to a background check)
- Garden Work
- Small Animal Care
- Landscape and Lawn Maitenance
Reffered Camper Coupons: 
You can receive up to 75% off your campers tuition by referring new campers. 
Referral coupons are only for each new camper you refer who is not a resident of your household or sibling.  You can receive up to your full tuition in referrals.  "New Camper" is anyone who has never attended a Spence's Farm camp, summer or winter, or taken a horseback riding lesson at Spence's Farm. Reffered Campers may not be scholarship recipients.
*Referral coupon is valid up to one year from the date of your camp purchase.  Coupon has no cash value. 
$10.00 for a Winter or Spring Break Referal 
$20.00 for a Standard Summer Camp Referral 
$35.00 for a Horse Immersion Camp Referral
Please select the type of scholarships you are interested in (check as many as you would like) *
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