2019 Teacher Workday/ Holiday Mini-Camp Registration and Agreement

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Please fill out online 1) this registration form and 2) a completed Emergency/Permission Form



Payment for mini camps are due no later than drop off.  An invoice for a non-refundable deposit of $15.00/day will be emailed to you and due no later than one week before camp.  Any camps requested, or any no shows without one weeks notice will be charged for the entire day.  
Please check one: When canceling a registration please complete this form and select the dates you want to cancel.
Do you need Extended Care? *
Mini Camps Please select the dates you want to reserve: You must select at least one item.
 Farm Camp (8:00 - 3:30)Horse Immersion (8:00 - 3:30)AM extended care (7:30 - 8:00)PM extended care (3:30 - 6:00)
Snow day camp
Monday Jan 21, 2019
Tuesday Jan 22, 2019
Monday Feb 18, 2019
Monday Mar 18, 2019
Tuesday Mar 19, 2019
Wednesday March 20, 2019
Thursday Mar 21, 2019
Friday Mar 22, 2019
Monday Mar 25, 2019
Tuesday Mar 26, 2019
Wednesday Mar 27, 2019
Thursday Mar 28, 2019
Friday Mar 29, 2019
Monday Apr 1, 2019
Tuesday Apr 2, 2019
Wednesday Apr 3, 2019
Thursday Apr 4, 2019
Friday Apr 5, 2019
Thursday Apr 18, 2019
Friday April 19, 2019
Wednesday May 1, 2019
Monday May 27, 2019
Monday June 10, 2019
Tuesday June 11, 2019
Wednesday June 12, 2019
Thursday June 13, 2019
Friday June 14, 2019

Costs and Payments:
Snow Day Camp        9:00-5:00            cost:  $40/day/child
Mini-Camp Day:      8:30-3:00 pm       cost:  $40/day/child      Included  NR deposit:  $15/day/child  
Horse Immersion              "              cost:   $50/day/child          "

Extended Care*:        7:30-8:00am       
                               3:00-6:00pm        cost:  $10/day/child  
*Parents that drop-off their children before 8:15am or pick-up after 3:30pm will automatically be charged the appropriate fees for extended care. Parents that pick-up their children after 6:00pm will automatically be charged $15 for every 10 minute block of time that they are late.  

 We accept checks and Credit Cards.

Custom Mini-Camps:  If you don't see the dates you need, we offer custom mini-camps for your school or group.  Our minimum is 6 campers for custom days.  Please call for more information.


Please send a backpack with two snacks, a lunch and water bottle with your child.  Extra clothes are always a good idea, as well as sturdy, closed-toe shoes, or boots that can get dirty. 


Horse Immersion - Children stay with horses all three periods and ride at least 2 periods.

Regular camp - Children can choose riding or not but have options to do other offered activities.


Sample Mini-Camp Schedule                                   

7:30-8:15         Early Care                                12:15-1:15       Lunch

8:30-9:00         Group Session                           1:15-2:45         3rd Activity

9:00-10:30       1st Activity                               2:45-3:00         Acknowledgements

10:30-10:45     Snack

10:45-12:15     2nd Activity


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