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Here is what to expect on this enrollment application:
  1. Create a new user account for the application or use the Forgot Password? link to recover the username and password you created when you applied last year.  Create a new account if you cannot remember the email address used when applying last year.
    The user account allows you to save and return to the form in case you are unable to complete all the application steps at one time.

  2. Provide your family's basic contact information.

  3. Provide information about the students you are enrolling.  You will be asked for their names, grade levels, ages, previous schools (if applicable),  and the titles of their recently studied math, composition, and grammar texts.

  4. Share any comments you may have about plans for the upcoming school year, areas where your students are particularly advanced, areas that need attention, and any special needs.

  5. Indicate whether you would like to pay in full by check, pay in full online by credit card, or activate a five-month payment plan.

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Your privacy is important to us! 
All information shared on this enrollment application will be kept in confidence. 
Your information will not be shared at any time with anyone outside of the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy staff
without written permission from the parents of the students.
The information you share is used only to support your family's home education.
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