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Full Enrollment

SHIPPING / Where will we be mailing your welcome/assessment packet and Academic Packet*

Total (enrollment + mailing):
$ 0.00 USD
If you elect to use the five-month payment plan, the "minimum monthly payment" displayed below would be due with the enrollment application.  That same payment would be due once each month until the your balance is paid in full.
Minimum Monthly Payment:
$ 2.00 USD
Each year we are happy to offer a "Plan Early & Save" rebate for all of our early planning families.  Return your family's assessment tests to the academy between January 15 and April 5 along with the rebate request form in order to qualify for a 5% on enrollment.  Will you be returning your assessment tests in time to be eligible for this rebate?
"Plan Early & Save" rebate:
$ - 0.00 USD

Grammar School Report Card/Transcript Option

You may choose to enroll one, some, or all of your K - 8 students in STAA's Report Card/Transcript Option at a rate of $35.00 per student.  Your student(s) will be issued grade reports and transcripts following your submission of our simple semester reporting forms with student work samples. This process is outlined on the Member Support Site and by telephone during a "Semester Reporting Orientation" appointment with a member of our student records staff. The staff member will walk you through the reporting process personally at the beginning of each year and will be available for questions about the reporting program throughout the year.

Grade reporting is strongly recommended for the high schooler, and strongly NOT recommended for the grade schooler (unless there is a compelling reason, of course).  In fact, the reporting option is already built into the set of services included in the high school enrollment package.  If you are unsure as to whether grade reporting will benefit your K - 8 student or not, ask your academic advisor during the Course of Study Planning appointment.

Should you elect to enroll one or more of your grammar school students in the reporting option, you would notify STAA of your choice by submitting a check payment of $35.00 for each student you are enrolling along with a Course Registration form for each.  The Course Registration form is included in each student's Academic Packet and is due September 30th or 30 days after the planning appointment with your academic advisor (whichever comes later in the year).

High School Transfer

Students interested in earning a diploma from St. Thomas Aquinas Academy and transfer to STAA with high school credits from another school or program or from independently homeschooling are subject to a transcript evaluation fee of $40.00 per school year. 
Example: A Grade 11 student starting with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy will want to transfer his Grade 9 and 10 transcripts to the academy.  The fee for doing this would be $40 x 2 years = $80.00.
Enter the number of school years of high school credits each of your high school students wishes to transfer to St. Thomas Aquinas Academy. Leave all boxes blank that do not apply.

Calculate Total

TOTAL ENROLLMENT FOR THIS SCHOOL YEAR (enrollment + mail fees + grammar school Report Card Option + high school transcript evaluation):
$0.00 USD
  • Enrollment fees are not prorated. 
  • Books, materials, and STAA Study Guides are purchased separately through the academy‚Äôs recommended suppliers or your favorite suppliers.
  • Provider names and addresses, order codes, and estimate book prices are included each student's Academic Packet.
  • Costs for materials per child can range from $250.00 to $600.00, depending on the grades levels of your children and resources already available to you. Many of the materials are used for two or more years and most are non-consumable.

Questions About Enrollment?

How can we help?  If you share your city, state, and telephone number, one of our advisors will arrange a time to call and speak with you.  Or, you can skip this form and schedule a telephone appointment for a time that works best for you: Enrollment Questions Phone Appointment Scheduler.

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