Hillel at Washington University in St. Louis

Do Your Own Seder Registration

Create your own Seder traditions!
Signing up for a Do Your Own Seder through Hillel gives you the following resources for your Seder:
  • A filled Seder Plate, box of Matzah and grape juice for every 10 people attending
  • Paper goods and utensils
  • Haggadot to borrow from Hillel (credit card security deposit required)
  • Contacts for Kosher caterers, guides for leading your Seder
  • $5 subsidy per person for food
  • Learn the ins & outs of leading a Seder at a Do Your Own Seder Workshop (you or a representative must attend a workshop, dates listed below)
Requirements for subsidy:
  • Attend one of the Seder Leader Workshops
  • Tell your Seder story in photo form - you will receive more info on this after you sign up
  • Post table tents at your Seder, provided by Hillel, indicating our sponsorship
  • Fill out our online survey, upload receipts, photos, and the list the people who attended your Seder by Friday, May 17.  Checks will be mailed by Friday, May 31.  
  • Return borrowed Haggadot to Hillel by Friday, May 3.  (If you do not return borrowed Haggadot by this time, your credit card will be charged for the value of full replacement of the books.)
You will receive an email with instructions to pickup your Seder plates and supplies.  Please be on the lookout!
I am hosting a Seder on: *
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You will receive filled Seder plates, boxes of Matzah, and grape juice for every ten people. Please indicate what other offerings you will need from Hillel for your Seder: *
In order to receive the $5 per person subsidy, you must attend a Seder Leader Workshop. If you are not available, you must send someone in your place.
If you HAVE led a DYO Seder before, you should choose from a 2.0 class offering.
If you have NOT led a DYO Seder before, please choose a 1.0 class offering.
I am willing to have a prospective student attend my Seder. *