H is for Heroes
South Carolina’s hospital workforce led us through the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to serve their patients and communities. These are the heroes that walk among us every day, and now is our opportunity to celebrate them.

As we approach National Hospital and National Nurses Week (May 6 – 13), we are excited to continue our "H is for Heroes" campaign. It’s a multi-faceted campaign that includes social media, billboards, and more special ways to honor South Carolina’s hospital and health system workforce. Consider it another channel for you to raise morale by recognizing the people who make your organizations great.

Please upload up to 5 photos of your healthcare heroes below with a brief sentence about what makes them a hero. For example, for the picture in the banner above: “Nurse Sally Smith is a hero to the new mom who needs a quick touch-up before pictures with her brand-new baby.

Photo Submission Guidelines
  • No Headshots Please– We are hoping to capture more organic environmental images rather than professional headshots. We want to see your people in action. And extra kudos to those facilities that also include environmental branding by using a shot that identifies your brand.

  • Diversity and Inclusivity– Hospitals are diverse employers with team members from just about every race, ethnicity and nationality walking along its halls. We want to celebrate that diversity and pay respect to all the special people that make hospitals work. We also want to be inclusive of all hospital employees from the operating rooms to the cafeteria. In addition to your frontline clinicians, please share security personnel, environmental services, and other essential hospital employees.

  • Hero Info–In addition to submitting photographs, please also provide identifying information to help the photo tell a story on who they are and why they are a hero. Please include their name, title, and a brief sentence about what makes them a hero.

Photo(s) Submitted By:

Questions?  Please contact Schipp Ames (sames@scha.org) or Lara Hewitt (lhewitt@scha.org)