NorCal 2018: Final Team Registration

Attorney Roles

Witness Roles

Support Roles

We don't need the names in advance of students playing unofficial timekeepers, since the role is not scored or award eligible.

NorCal Coach of the Year Award

Each team must nominate one (1) of their own coaches for the coaches award, which is determined per Rule 5F.

Challenge Designee

At Opening Ceremonies, each team must have a student representative take the floor to participate in the Round 1 and Round 2 Challenge Process. 

Additional Scores/Presiders

Recruiting quality scorers and presiders is, as everyone knows, an undertaking. If your team is traveling with extra coaches, or as a coach you would rather preside over a few rounds apart from your team during the weekend, we'd love to have you help score/preside over a few rounds. 

At this time, we anticipate not *needing* many, if any, coaches to score during the tournament. 
That said, if you want to help, wonderful! We'll be in touch with you over email to coordinate details.
If your team doesn't have the extra coach personnel or is not interested, we 100% understand!

Do you, or another one of your coaches, want to volunteer to help score/preside for a few rounds?
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Thank you! See you on Saturday 1/6/18!