Vanderbilt Student Communications serves as laboratory, classroom, and professional experience in the absence of an academic journalism or broadcasting department. Hundreds of students are involved each year as regular staff members or contributors. One could argue that no other student activity on this or any other campus has the capability to regularly reach, positively impact, and serve a greater percentage of the university population than student media.
These awards recognize students who have demonstrated notable excellence through their work in student media at Vanderbilt.
To apply for multiple awards, please complete this form separately for each award. 
The deadline to apply for Student Media Awards is 12 p.m. noon on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.
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2. Examples of Your Work
Applications can include up to five examples of your work. Preference is given to submissions from the current academic year that exemplify the award description. The examples may be in the form of any of the following: links to articles, files of images/text, audio, and/or video files. 
Please submit links and/or upload files below. Enough fields have been included to accommodate a mix of links and files, depending on the formats of your pieces, for a maximum of five pieces altogether.

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