The Vanderbilt Review: Submission Form

Special info for Art or "Other" pieces

Please complete these two fields if you selected "Art" or "Other" under Piece type. Please leave blank if you selected "Poetry" or "Prose."

For all entry types: Submit your pieces here

You may upload up to 5 pieces. Each piece has a file size limit of 50 MB. Please include a title for each piece.
PLEASE REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM YOUR PIECE IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING PROSE OR POETRY TO KEEP WORK ANONYMOUS DURING SELECTION! Your work will be identified by reference # during judging and each person receives a unique reference #
Art upload requirements:
CMYK (for full color) and GREYSCALE (for black and white)
.tif file or PDF (not .jpg or .png)
300 dpi
Most phones, digital cameras will shoot at 72 dpi in RGB color mode. These will not be able to be printed since RGB is a projection mode (i.e., computer screen or phone screen) and 72 dpi is incredibly low-res for printing. You can adjust these settings and save as a .tif file in Photoshop.  

Please review your submission and correct any errors before submitting. If you want to submit more pieces for consideration, you can submit this form again.