2018 Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Concert
Jazz Cities: Regional Style & Evolution
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It is commonly accepted that New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz, but many cities and regions around the country played a significant role in the incubation of jazz music and developed unique regional styles that would slowly influence and inform the larger language of jazz. Cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City, St. Louis, and others inspired musicians and composers to develop their own personal voice and fostered a recognizable regional sound and style, just like another language or regional concert. Paired with the continual evolution of technology, changing regional characteristics, migration, education, and cultural shifts, jazz continues to evolve around the country and in new generations. 
Featured musicians include Scott Silbert on clarinet and tenor saxophone, Tom Williams on trumpet, Jennifer Krupa on trombone, Tony Nalker on piano, James King on bass, SJMO artistic director, Charlie Young on alto saxophone, and SJMO executive producer, Ken Kimery on drums. 
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