Volunteer/ Foster Application


Which phone number do you prefer we call? *
Are your children (if you have any) used to being around dogs?
If no children live in the home, will any visit on a regular basis? If yes, please provide ages of children visiting and frequency. *
Does anyone in your household have pet allergies? *
Have you or anyone in your household been found guilty of a crime: *
Have you, or anyone in your immediate family, ever been convicted on a charge of, or relating to, animal cruelty? *
Is there any such charge pending against yourself or anyone in your immediate family? *


What are your interests in volunteering with us? Please mark only the items that you can commit to. You may select as many choices as necessary. *
Have you volunteered with other shelters / rescues in the past? If yes, where? *

ONLY COMPLETE THE NEXT SECTION IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FOSTERING: Fostering is a HUGE need for us and we need volunteers we can depend on to step up at a moments notice. Please be as specific as possible so that we are able to contact you when a dog needs assistance.

Do you or have you owned dogs in the past?
Have you ever raised a dog from a puppy to an adult?
Please choose the best description of your home:
Do you rent or own your home?
If you rent, do you have your landlords permission to dogs in the home?
Have you or your spouse / significant other lived in states other than PA? If so please list who has lived in what states: *
Is anyone home during the day?
Does your new foster dog need to be housebroken prior to coming to you?
Are you familiar with obedience training?
Are you familiar with the transitional period that dogs may experience when removed from their current home or a shelter and begin settling into a new home?
Do you have any limitations on how long you can keep a foster dog? If yes, please specify.
We tend to take in dogs with special needs as much as we can. Please select which of the following special cases you would be willing to take into your home: *


Please check which veterinary practices / procedures you currently utilize with your pets: *
May a Zoe’s House representative visit your home & family as well as contact the references which you supplied for verification? *